Developing the Entrepreneurial Culture

EDI in collaboration with Inductin is a joint venture providing skill training services anywhere, anytime in support of the National Institute of Science & Technical Education NISTE’s mission of teaching youth, research, and innovation.


A fully air-conditioned, spacious auditorium, which is perfect for organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and many other activities. The auditorium comfortably accommodates up to 500 members. Other features of the auditorium include two-way LCD projector and a large screen.


Hostel provides all of its residents with extremely comfortable and safe rooms. This newly provided hostel Facility will not only help the entrepreneurs to inter mingle among each other, but will also give them a chance to access the Library, Labs and other facilities for a longer period of time. Hostel rooms are well furnished. Mess and internet facilities are also available.


For the convenience of students, transport facility is available which can be acquired upon request. Moreover, it is mostly used for the industry visits and recreational trail walks and short trips.


There is an on-campus mosque to facilitate the students.

Board Rooms

Facility offers state of the art meeting rooms for the industrial workshops. The main purpose is to invite industry entrepreneurs and mentors to discuss the future collaborations and provide industry support and mentorship for student entrepreneurs


Cafeteria and Snack Bar is located at the centre of the institute where students enjoy meals and have social interaction.

Ideas Room

Ideas Room is about taking our talent, facilities and resources out to our region. We gather together people from industry, business, government and non-government organizations to debate the challenges you face, and find solutions for these problems. It is also used to carry out different team building activities and event management workshops.


Library is located at prestigious location of the university. Facilities which are available to Library visitors are wifi, copying and scanning.

Design lab

A hi-tech lab to facilitate the instructors and trainers to develop the technology solutions and programming. It is also used for one-to-one meetings and video conferencing sessions.