Ghalib NishtarGuest Speaker at Startup Expo & Awards 2015

Ghalib Nishtar

Guest Speaker at Startup Expo & Awards 2015

As the founder President of Khushhali Bank since 2000, M. Ghalib Nishtar was part of the process initiated by the Government of Pakistan to reform the financial sector under the Microfinance Sector Development Program with the objective of providing sustainable financial services access to the low income segments of the market.


Sonia ArfanSpeaker at LCL 2013 & 2014

Sonia Arfan

Speaker at LCL 2013 & 2014

Sonia is a remarkable professional and friend. She has impressed me with her motivation, sense of purpose, assertive style, courage and strength in the way she communicates and executes her work. With her willingness to learn and try new opportunities, Sonia is destined for success. I am fortunate in having met her and wish her all the best for the future.

Salman DanishSpeaker at LCL

Salman Danish

Speaker at LCL

Salman Danish founded Medialogic in 2007 as Pakistan’s only overnight TV Ratings provider. Today Medialogic continues to be the industry currency for TV Media.


Omar Khalid ButtSpeaker at LCL

Omar Khalid Butt

Speaker at LCL

Omar Khalid Butt began working as a sports anchor for PTV News. Since then, he has handled various responsibilities : news anchor / script editor for PTV news casting to researching, scripting and hosting programs. He has also hosted the morning infotainment show (Aaj Subh) on AAJ TV.

Masarrat MisbahPanelist at Startup Expo '15

Masarrat Misbah

Panelist at Startup Expo '15

Masarrat Misbah has a dynamic persona with multiple talents and is a name that needs no introduction. She is a distinguished entrepreneur, cosmetologist and philanthropist. As a beautician, she is Pakistan’s first beauty expert, who initiated the trend of professional beauty salons in the country. she has also establish an NGO Depilex Smileagain Foundation in 2005 for people those who have suffered atrocities of deliberate burning.

Dr. Zakiudin AhmedSpeaker & Panelist at LCL 2013

Dr. Zakiudin Ahmed

Speaker & Panelist at LCL 2013

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed is a visionary strategist, healthcare entrepreneur & a physician leader who specializes in developing socially beneficial. sustainable, scalable and innovative solutions in Healthcare through information technology.

Nadia HussainMentor & Speaker at Starup Expo '15

Nadia Hussain

Mentor & Speaker at Starup Expo '15

Nadia Hussain is a Pakistani television actress, host, model entrepreneur and fashion designer, dentist. She is considered one of the top models in Pakistan.She graduated from Fatima Jinnah Dental College. Nadia is also a practicing dentist. She also owns lawn collection and footwear line called Fetish.

Muhammad Farrukh MahmoodMentor at LCL 2013 & LCL 2014

Muhammad Farrukh Mahmood

Mentor at LCL 2013 & LCL 2014

Muhammad Farrukh Mahmood has over 16 years of IT related experience particularly in the field of IT company operational setup/working, IT infrastructure, IT Service Management, business process management, web (Internet/Intranet), workflow, office automation and network based development using the latest development tools and technologies.

Furqan ShamsiMentor at LCL 2014 & Startup Expo 2015

Furqan Shamsi

Mentor at LCL 2014 & Startup Expo 2015

Furqan Shamsi, a trainer and a skilled professional, has varied experience of both industry and academia while having worked as consultant, business manager, and a teacher at various levels. This helps him making his sessions an exciting learning environment.

Khusro P. MalikMentor at LCL 2014

Khusro P. Malik

Mentor at LCL 2014

Khusro P. Malik (KP) gels the entire spectrum of national and international experience in the domains of Human Resources, Capacity Development, Management, Organization Development, Business Process Reengineering, and Systems Development.

Athar UsamaSpeaker at LCL 2014

Athar Usama

Speaker at LCL 2014

Athar Usama is the founder and Chief Executive of Pakistan Innovation Foundation, Chief Executive – Technomics International Ltd; Founder Muslim-Science.Com; former Director of Middle East and Asia – ANGLE plc (UK); WEF Young Global Leader (YGL); and Fellow World Technology Network (WTN).


Omar JavaidMentor at LCL 2013 & 2014

Omar Javaid

Mentor at LCL 2013 & 2014

Omar Javaid Started his career at AuVitronics Ltd. in beginning of 2004 after completing his Engineering Education from NED – Industrial & Manufacturing Program, where he worked for around 4 yrs in Product Development Department.

Shahnaz Kapadia RahatSpeaker at LCL 2014

Shahnaz Kapadia Rahat

Speaker at LCL 2014

Shahnaz Kapadia Rahat has extensive experience of creating practical tools, frameworks and conceptual models, as well as capacity building programs & in enterprise development. CEO “Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI)



Amir MumtazSpeaker at LCL 2014

Amir Mumtaz

Speaker at LCL 2014

Amir Mumtaz is the CEO of Clean Technology and Manufacturing enterprise, Oil Purification Systems, Inc with a patented technology and over 5000 customers in the United States.



Tahir MasoodSpeaker at LCL 2014

Tahir Masood

Speaker at LCL 2014

Tahir Masood has worked with Developers, IT Professionals, Partners, IT Houses, Influencers, Faculties & Students to provide them with latest on Microsoft technologies by driving capacity building initiatives for key stakeholders in Pakistani IT Landscape. Developer Experience Lead & Manager Microsoft Innovation Center Pakistan




Athar Imran NawazSpeaker at LCL 2014

Athar Imran Nawaz

Speaker at LCL 2014

Ather Imran Nawaz is an experienced business and technology executive with 13 years of experience in corporate sector. He specializes in technical, business and operational leadership of knowledge organizations, with expertise in leading offshore offices and distributed teams. Ather is currently leading the business operations of Numetrics (Private) Limited as Managing Director.





Maria UmarSpeaker at LCL 2014

Maria Umar

Speaker at LCL 2014

Maria Umar is the founder President of Women’s digital league; an online freelancing company that provides digital services to clients from around the world. Maria and her team of female employees work from their homes and conduct research, database management, event management etc.


Amir MalikSpeaker at LCL 2014

Amir Malik

Speaker at LCL 2014

Amir Malik is presently working as Chief Executive Officer, COMSATS Internet Services. He has also served as Member IT at Ministry of Information Technology, Managing Director at Pakistan Software Export Board and Chief Executive of Pak Datacom Limited, Pakistan. He has previously worked as Head of Regulatory Compliance at Ufone, PTML and at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in the capacity of Director (ICT) for four years.





Murtaza ZaidiSpeaker at LCL 2014

Murtaza Zaidi

Speaker at LCL 2014

Murtaza Zaidi is a seasoned entrepreneur; Founder & CEO of CyberVision International; a broad spectrum organization involved in creating world class custom application software & web solutions. CyberVision International’s mission is to offer custom software solutions and build niche market products.







Owais AnjumPanelist at Startup Expo 2015

Owais Anjum

Panelist at Startup Expo 2015

Owais Anjum is an entrepreneur and a seasoned executive with 15 years of experience spread across Silicon Valley and Pakistan. He has built and scaled development organizations in both countries and was instrumental in setting up Numetrics’s operations in Pakistan. An artist by hobby, he has a passion for building great products. He is currently the CEO and founder of Cricout.







Zahid Ali MubarikGuest Speaker at LCL 2012

Zahid Ali Mubarik

Guest Speaker at LCL 2012

Zahid Ali Mubarik is CEO HR Metrics consulting and President of the Society of Human Resource Management Forum Pakistan. He served at senior management positions in banking and public sector. Mr. Mubarak is a member of the ISO Geneva Technical Committee, chairman of National Mirror Committee. In the past, he also had the privilege of being Member Special Expertise Panel in HR Measurement Metrics SHRM U.S.




Kalsoom LakhaniPanelist at Startup Expo 2015

Kalsoom Lakhani

Panelist at Startup Expo 2015

Kalsoom Lakhani is the Founder/CEO of Invest2Innovate, or i2i, which supports startups and the broader entrepreneurship ecosystem in developing markets, beginning in Pakistan. She is also the co-founder of The Hero Project, a storytelling platform that celebrates and highlights everyday hidden heroes. Kalsoom has trained young entrepreneurs, changemakers, and civil society leaders in Cambodia, Ireland, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.


Hasan RazaMentor & Panelist at LCL 2013

Hasan Raza

Mentor & Panelist at LCL 2013

Hassan Raza Prior to founding Pakistan’s first private natural gas distribution and sales company- EGAS Pvt. Limited, Mr. Hassan held a variety of positions in the consulting industry. He has worked with several prestigious multinational accounting firms. Mr. Hassan is a member of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is also a charter member of The Indus Entrepreneurs, world’s largest Not-For-Profit supporting entrepreneurship.

Ashok MalaniMentor at LCL 2014

Ashok Malani

Mentor at LCL 2014

Ashok Malani is the founder of xFlow Research Inc. Focused on network infrastructure software focusing on SDN, NFV and OpenStack.





Adi AbdurabMentor at LCL 2014

Adi Abdurab

Mentor at LCL 2014

Adi Abdurab is a Peabody Award-winning and Emmy Nominated writer, a former news presenter for PTV and a seasoned blogger. Tech Blogger and Screenwriter.







Saad HamidMentor at LCL 2014

Saad Hamid

Mentor at LCL 2014

Saad Hamid helps connect people to build communities. Also specializes in online marketing, brand development, growth hacking, outreach & partnerships for impact-driven and community focused startups and organizations






Umer MaqboolMentor at LCL 2014

Umer Maqbool

Mentor at LCL 2014

Umer Maqbool holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Sciences from FAST-NUCES Islamabad (2002-2006), and is a business and technology executive, having over 8 years of experience. During his pofessional career, he has lead and managed large scale technology oriented projects for clients like Emaar and BT. Currently managing diversified businesses in Pakistan and UAE in business strategy, project management, product development, HR mentoring and financial planning.







Muhammad UzairMentor at LCL 2014

Muhammad Uzair

Mentor at LCL 2014

Muhammad Uzair’s interest in Business and IT has landed him in the ever-evolving industry of Digital Marketing. Having experience in both B2B and Retail Sales added with interest in Marketing, Communications and IT has enabled him to use the skills to a challenging manner in the field of digital communications world.


Usman SheikhMentor at LCL 2014

Usman Sheikh

Mentor at LCL 2014

Usman Sheikh is a visionary entrepreneur with years of experience in the field of Web & Mobile Applications & Games, mCommerce, Biometric Security, Embedded Firmware solutions and RFID domains.





Zeeshan Shafquat MalikMentor at EDI Workshop

Zeeshan Shafquat Malik

Mentor at EDI Workshop

Zeeshan Safquat Malik is a renowned blogger and also the founder of Cafe Rooftop in Islamabad. Despite of his physical disability since childhood, he continued his studies and became an entrepreneur, equipping himself with various skills. Regardless of the tough life and setbacks, he managed to accomplish every task in life, with the self-realization that he is differently able.




Usman PashaMentor at EDI Workshop

Usman Pasha

Mentor at EDI Workshop

Usman Pasha is a technopreneure and also a business incubation expert. Currently serving as head at Business Incubation Center at Bahria University.

Ambreen WaheedMentor at LCL 2013

Ambreen Waheed

Mentor at LCL 2013

AmbreenWaheed is globally recognized and is among the pioneers of Corporate Citizenship and workplace process integrity. Founder of the Responsible Business Initiative (RBI), Pakistan’s only citizen sector enabler dedicated to Responsible Business and Information Communication Technology. Chair and co-founder South Asia Forum on Responsible Business (SAFoRB), the region’s representative network of citizen-sector organizations.



Asif FarookiMentor at LCL 2014

Asif Farooki

Mentor at LCL 2014

Mr. Asif Faroooki is the pioneer of private sector participation in solid waste management sector of Pakistan. Considered as the domain of the municipalities, the solid waste management industry in Pakistan was non existing . Farooki launched the Lahore Sanitation Program through his company Waste Busters.




Wahaj SirajCEO Nayatel Ltd

Wahaj Siraj

CEO Nayatel Ltd

Wahaj us Siraj is CEO and co-founder of Naya Tel (Pvt) Ltd., which has installed Pakistan’s first fiber to the home (FTTH) project in Islamabad in 2006-07.Before Nayatel’s launch, Wahaj co-founded Micronet Broadband (Pvt) Ltd., the first one to launch broadband Digital Subscribers Line (DSL) services in Pakistan.

Mudasir AqilCEO Finca Microfinance Bank Limited

Mudasir Aqil

CEO Finca Microfinance Bank Limited

Mudasir Aqil is CEO of Finca Microfinance Bank Limited. He is a mission centered person with demonstrated experience of leading change. Rich executive level international experience in microfinance and commercial banking. Track record of consistently delivering mission critical results by developing great teams, understanding value drivers and aligning with business strategy.
Kamran RizviFounder school of leadership

Kamran Rizvi

Founder school of leadership

Kamran Rizvi founded KZR Associates in 1991 and pioneered the self-improvement and organizational development (OD) movement in Pakistan. KZR has since spawned Navitus, School of Leadership and Riz Consulting. Having served its purpose, KZR now lives in cyberspace and its former associates continue working on its mission of Developing the Human Factor in their respective organizations.

Haider QazilbashCEO career pakistan

Haider Qazilbash

CEO career pakistan

Haider Qazilbash is CEO of Career Pakistan. Career Pakistan is nationally know as Pakistan’s top executive search (headhunter) company.  Career Pakistan finds candidates for jobs at 150+ prestigious organizations.

Muhammad Saleem RajhaSecretary BISP

Muhammad Saleem Rajha

Secretary BISP

Muhammad Saleem Ahmad Ranjha is the Founding Director of Akhuwat ,World largest interest free Micro Finance (at zero percent and no service fee) which was started in 2001 .Now part of the team which is setting up Akhuwat University which will be first tuition fee free university in the region.

Adnan ShahidCCO PTCL

Adnan Shahid


Adnan Shahid is a passionate senior executive with fire to win!! Challenges status quo and willing to champion new order. Disciplined but flexible leader with balanced practice of common sense management, business operations and people management skills. Able to inspire teams with compelling vision of shared mission. Energizes, excites and motivates team to deliver results.

Salman WassayFounder chaaye khana

Salman Wassay

Founder chaaye khana

Salman Wassay is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Wireless Life. Previously he served the corporate sector, Chief Commercial Officer at Ufone and Director Marketing at Zong.

Ghazanfar AzzamPresident & CEO at Waseela Microfinance Bank

Ghazanfar Azzam

President & CEO at Waseela Microfinance Bank

Ghazanfar Azzam is the CEO & President of Waseela Micro finance Bank.He has got distinction of launching two (out of eight) nation-wide microfinance banks in Pakistan i.e. Kashf MF Bank in 2008 (now FINCA) & WASEELA in 2012 . Waseela, backed by Vimplecom, a global telecom giant, is a hybrid model combining traditional microfinance with mobile banking now operates with 40 brick & mortar branches & 55,000 agents offering, MSME Finance, Small Housing loans, savings, remittances, utility bill collection, mobile wallets.